Our Story

We are Laura and Raphael, founders of Geordie’s Great British Bacon. Ever since we moved our family to Germany a couple of years ago we have felt that there was something missing.

The move
Growing up in Newcastle upon Tyne, the home of Geordies, we were raised with incredible Great British Bacon made by Old Geordie, our favourite family butcher in the Toon’s historic Grainger Market. Since moving to Germany, we have REALLY missed the taste of proper British bacon.

But what about Bacon?
Let’s face it, the German stuff just isn’t the same! While there are a few online shops selling imported bacon, their products are either always sold-out, come pre-frozen or are of the terribly cheap corner shop variety – not what we want to feed our children or ourselves!
It was really frustrating and we know that many of our expat friends felt the same.

Let’s take bacon matters into our own hands!
This is when we realised: we need to make our own bacon! Not just for us but also make it available to all bacon lovers so they can experience a proper taste from home!

The challenge
That was easier said than done! We spent months researching, trying and tasting to find our perfect bacon recipe. The next challenge was to find the perfect butcher, who would share our passion for great bacon and possess the skills to produce it exactly to our taste.

The butcher
We finally found our perfect butcher: Master Butcher Benny Gränitz, a fifth-generation butcher whose family has been making the highest quality meats, sausages and now bacon since 1900! Benny absolutely loves his trade and is passionate about producing the best artisanal meats there are!

We finally had it: authentic Great British Bacon, made right here in Germany and handcrafted to perfection following the traditional British method. Made by a traditional Master Butcher with over 120 years of butchering heritage, who loves the product as much as we do!

Our bacon
Our authentic Great British Bacon is traditionally dry-cured for 10 days, cold smoked for 24 hours over the best organic beech wood and cut into thick slices. Of course the bacon is also available unsmoked.

Check out the recipe!
We are all about sharing the love, taste and homeliness of Great British Bacon! If you fancy having a go yourself, try out our original recipe.


  • 1 kg pork loin, pork belly or both (ask your local butcher to cut you off exactly what you want)
  • 30 g curing salt (Sodium nitrite or saltpetre)
  • Vacuum machine and bags
  1. Ensure your work space is super clean – you want to work in as sterile an environment as possible.
  2. Pat your pork dry, then rub your curing salt all over the meat. Massage in the salt and make sure that every inch of the meat is covered.
  3. Get a large vacuum bag and fold over the opening – you don’t want your meat to touch the opening as this might make it difficult to seal later.
  4. Place your pork in the bottom of the bag and vacuum. A double seal is recommended.
  5. Place your bag in the fridge for 10 days. Flipping once daily, this will cure your pork into that lovely bacon we want.
  6. After 10 days, cut open your bag, pat dry and slice your incredible homemade bacon into the perfect thickness (we recommend 3 mm).
  7. Fry, grill or bake your bacon and ENJOY!

Be a part of our story and try our bacon


Bacon Sandwich

"If like me you're British and partial to a bit of bacon from the UK, this is the stuff for you. Straight outta Germany.
Such well made products (bacon: smoked/unsmoked & Black pudding). Delicious and absolutely amazing.
Can't recommend highly enough!"
- David P.


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