The Best Bacon Sandwich

Laura Hermann

The Best Bacon Sandwich

This is our best bacon sandwich, an absolute favourite with the family and the way our mothers used to make them when we were children. Next to super high quality bacon, the secret is thick, white, fluffy bread and lashings of butter. 


  • 3-4 Geordie’s Great British Bacon rashers (about 60 g)
  • Two slices of thick, soft white bread
  • A good amount of room temperature butter
  • About a tablespoon of oil/lard/clarified butter to fry in
  • Ketchup/Brown Sauce/Mayonnaise to taste
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Get a large frying nice and hot and drop in your fat. 
  2. Generously butter both slices of bread
  3. When the fat is starting to smoke just a little bit, place in your bacon rashers. They should instantly start to sizzle
  4. Fry bacon for a few minutes until cooked to your likeness
  5. Put cooked bacon on some kitchen towel to remove excess fat 
  6. Immediately transfer bacon onto your buttered bread – the hot bacon will slightly melt the butter to spread all that goodness around your sandwich even more!
  7. Add some ketchup, brown sauce or other favourite condiment (we have heard that some people like mayo, but let’s not talk about that...)
  8. Finally we like to add a little bit of salt and pepper to the sandwich. This really elevates the taste to a new level.
  9. Close your sandwich and ENJOY!

Top tip: not everybody likes smoked bacon. If you are cooking up a bunch of these sandwiches, make sure to cook all your unsmoked bacon before the smoked, otherwise the smokey flavour will transfer in the pan. 

Top tip two: once you have cooked your bacon, crack some eggs into the hot oil to make the best bacon flavoured dirty fried eggs ever!


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