Chunky Scrambled Eggs with Bacon Pieces

Laura Hermann

Chunky Scrambled Eggs with Bacon Pieces

A super quick, protein-packed breakfast treat. Big, chunky egg curds and crispy bacon pieces, what more could you ask for?


  • 2 Geordie’s Great British Bacon Rashers, chopped into large chunks
  • 3 good quality eggs
  • A dash of milk
  • A tablespoon of butter
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Heat up a non-stick frying pan on medium/high heat, then fry your bacon chunks until they become golden brown and slightly crispy.
  2. Add in the butter when the bacon is almost done. This will glaze the bacon to make it even more delicious and infuse the butter with incredible bacon flavour.
  3. Remove bacon but retain butter and rendered bacon fat in the pan – this is what you will cook your eggs in.
  4. Crack the three eggs in a bowl, add splash of milk and whisk up thoroughly until all the stringy egg whites have broken down.
  5. Season the raw egg mixture with salt and pepper – this is important as it will ensure that the egg is seasoned throughout.
  6. Pour egg mixture into hot pan and let cook for 5-10 seconds before gently moving the curds with a spatula. The egg needs some time to cook between stirs, so you end up with lovely, chunky pieces of egg.
  7. When the egg looks almost completely cooked, add in your bacon, give a final stir through and serve.
  8. Sprinkle on a little bit of good salt and freshly ground pepper, and ENJOY!

Top tip: if you want a really indulgent, naughty treat, swap out the milk for cream and add in an extra dollop of good butter when your egg is done. This will make your taste buds dance!


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