Christmas Specials 🎅🧡

Available to order until midnight Wednesday, 17th November only!

Exclusive Christmas Offer
Traditional Gammon Joints

Do you miss the taste from home at Christmas?
Nothing reminds us more of home than a traditional Christmas dinner. Meat and all the trimmings, brussel sprouts, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and rivers of gravy - our mouths are watering just thinking about it. Unfortunately, this great British experience has been slightly hampered since we moved to Germany.
Roasties and Yorkshire puddings are always best homemade, and sprouts and turkey crowns are available from any good food store. But our favourite, a juicy, honey-glazed gammon joint, just doesn't exist!

After countless requests to bring a little bit of home to you for Christmas, we have worked extremely hard to offer you the only gammon joints in all of Germany!

Butcher quality gammon, traditionally dry-cured just like our bacon, and if desired smoked over real beech wood.

Our gammon is nothing like a cheap supermarket joint: instead of injecting chunks of meat with brine and glueing them into a round shape, our Master Butcher carefully handrubs the cure into full hind-leg joints of pork. This is the traditional way of making gammon, and we bet you've never tasted gammon like it!

A full joint comes in at c. 2.5 kg, but we are able to slice them down to smaller joints of 1 kg and 1.5 kg.

Smoked or unsmoked - the choice is yours!

And if you really want to treat yourself for Christmas, we are also offering a number of gammon and bacon options :) use the bacon to cover a turkey crown, or wrap around your favourite little bratwurst for delicious pigs in blankets or for a well deserved Boxing Day bacon buttie.


Available to order until midnight Wednesday, 17th November only